Mood Hormones

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Goals of the wiki template:

  • How hormones influence mood
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What is estrogen

Hormone secreted by ovary. Also known as a female hormone, because he pays a big role in ovulation. They play a big part in girls puberty, the later females.
This hormone is also present in males body, although in an inverted testosterone-estrogen ratio than the one in females.
Studies has shown that estrogen acts all over the body, and in parts of the brain that controls emotions. (
Estrogen effects: it raises the serotonin levels and the number of serotonin receptors in the brain. It modifies the effects and production of certain endorphins (chemical substances that have an effect on mood). It also protects the nerves from injuries.
When it comes to mood, the estrogen can have great impact over (especially on women) mood. We will mention only the PMS syndrome.

What is serotonin

This is a hormone derived from tryptophan amino-acid, and it has a neurotransmitter role. You can read more on serotonin on
This is a well know hormone that has been synthesized as a medicine for migraines, depression. Serotonin helps brain blood vessels to relax and relieve migraines and it also helps balancing the mood, being a proven medicine for depression now.

What is progesteron

This hormone is being synthesized from pregnenolone hormone, pregnenolone which is a cholesterol derived. This is another important hormone, especially in women body.
In the same time progesteron is the precursor for testosterone, estrone, estradiol and other hormones.
Progesterone acts to stabilize the tissue lining of the uterus (endometrium) so if it is absent, such as with ovarian anovulation, irregular and heavy menstrual bleeding often occurs after a period without any menstrual bleeding.
It is know that administration pure progesterone without estrogen, accentuate depression. This is one reason why birth control pills contain both hormones, so they don't cause drops in serotonin levels.

What is testosterone

This is mainly known as men hormone, although it is present in women body as well in a much lower quantity. Just like estrogen affect women body to mature, testosterone have a major role in penis and testicles development, voice deepening, muscle size and strength and libido.
It hasn't been demonstrated already that testosterone influence mood, however there are more and more studies that look to decipher testosterone effects on mood and depression.

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